Wednesday, September 26, 2018

School District 52 adds input on Assessment Literacy program in British Columbia

SD52's Nancy Griffith-Zhaner is one of
a number of educators taking part
in a provincial video on new elements
in motion for education in BC
A newly released video from the province puts the focus on the strides that are being made when it comes to literacy and the education of students across British Columbia.

In the near twelve minute review of the ongoing programs to assess literacy levels in the province, the video features a cross section look at how some School Districts are approaching the issue as they introduce the new revised curriculum province-wide.

Among those offering some thoughts on the themes of literacy and assessment practices in the classroom, is Nancy Griffith Zahner from Charles Hays Secondary in Prince Rupert.

Ms. Griffith-Zahner takes note of the cooperative team approach towards learning that is underway and the need to build on the current assessment process that is in place.

"But, in order for them to take ownership of their learning, there has to be quite a relationship of trust and good feeling between the teacher and the student and I can't imagine now a classroom where it's not a cooperative team effort between the teacher and the student" -- Charles Hays educator Nancy Griffith Zahner on assessment principles and supports in education  in BC

Along with her commentary in the area of the elements of education in the province's curriculum, video snapshots of students in the Charles Hays classroom environment are included through the presentation.

As part of the overview we get a glimpse into some of the principles and practices that are necessary to provide for support, encourage and empower students in their learning.

Much of the focus is on shift in focus when it comes to the delivery of literacy, with the video providing a look at some of the elements that School Districts across BC, including SD52 are engaged with towards those goals.

A look at the background to the new curriculum program in the province can be found here.

More notes from the provincial government on education in BC can be found through the newsfeed of the Ministry of Education.

A look at some background on education on the North Coast can be examined from the School District 52 website.

For further notes on education on the North Coast see our archive page here, while a look at the remainder of the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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