Monday, September 24, 2018

Prince Rupert hosts Ombudsperson tour for two days next week

The provincial body that investigates concerns of residents when dealing with provincial or local government will be in the Northwest next week, with the Ombudsperson office providing opportunities for residents of the region to take part in their mobile complaints clinic.

The main focus for the office is to investigate individual complaints of those who believe they have been treated unfairly by a provincial ministry, local government or provincial public authority.

As part of the five day tour of the Northwest, Prince Rupert will be the host for the longest stay, with two days of appointments available for those living on the North Coast.

Each year the Ombusdperson receives close to 7,500 enquiries and complaints, conducting 2,000 individual investigations and early resolutions.

Among some of its work the Ombusdperson office reviews complaints on local government or local services, in their 2017/18 Annual Report the office noted that it had received 376 complaints related to health authorities, 680 complaints about local government across the province, 325 complaints on ICBC, 182 related to Worker's Compensation matters and 155 on issues involving BC Hydro.

The office also conducts a range of Investigative Reports on a number provincial issues, some of the most recent of those reports can be reviewed here.

The Northwest Tour takes place from October 1 through to the 5th on the following schedule:

October 1 -- Smithers
October 2 -- Hazelton
October 3 -- Terrace and Kitimat
October 4 & 5 -- Prince Rupert

To contact the Ombudsperson office to make a confidential appointment call 1-800-567-3247

For those that can't make it to one of the Northwest sessions you can learn more about how to register a complaint with the Ombudsperson office here.

A further look at the work of the Ombudsperson office can be found here.

The office also offers up a number of information videos related to their work, which you can access here.

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