Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Global News and partners reports dig deep into Canada's water issues

For a number of Prince Rupert residents, bottled water is taking the
place of tap water amid concerns over water issues

Yesterday's expansive release of work from Global News, the Toronto Star newspaper chain and a number of university researchers has certainly captured some attention across much of Canada, with the state of Canada's drinking water making for the national narrative for much of the day.

The collective work came with reports covering a number of cities and towns, including notes from Prince Rupert that formed some of the core of the investigative reporting on many themes of water issues.

We examined the Global Story yesterday, along with a follow up statement from the City that was issued late in the day on Monday based on the news of earlier in the day.

City Issues Clarifying Statement on Water Reporting/Flushing Reminder (official statement)

From the North Cost Review

Prince Rupert's use of chlorine in civic water supply latest focus for national consortium of journalists

Prince Rupert's lead in the water woes make for talking point across Canada (and beyond)

City provides "Clarifying Statement" after national media coverage on topic of lead in the home water of some city residents

Those in Prince Rupert Not Flush in Cash, could use a little advocacy on latest water notes

For Mayor Brain the source of the latest water woes for the City and Council is ... a misrepresentative media report 

Metlakatla's successful work on water treatment makes for latest review from National tainted water series

Prince Rupert remains partial focus for latest reports in nationwide tainted water series

The reports from Monday offered a fairly extensive look at a complex issue and you can review some of the many themes that were explored below.

As the Northwest media catches up to the story, we will add any local notes to the files at the bottom of the listings.

For Now the cross Canada review is as follows:

Global BC Archive

Toronto Star Archive

National Observer Archive

Concordia Archive

Concordia Tainted H2O credit page

As Additional National and International stories are generated in the wake of the investigative work above, we'll archive some of them below, offering a glimpse as to how the story is being received around the world:

Inside the Investigation that exposed lead-laced drinking water in Canada
EPCOR, mayor insist drinking water safe after investigation reveals alarming levels of lead in some cities' supply
'Worse than Flint': Canadians exposed to excessive lead in drinking water, investigation reveals
'This is not a joke': High levels of lead found in water at Canadian daycares, schools
Canadians exposed to high levels of lead in drinking water, investigation finds
Ottawa's tap water is one of the 'best' High lead levels found in water, but experts say Ottawa fares well
Lead in your drinking water; cities test above national guidelines
Lead levels in Canadian water 'exceed safe limit' in a third of cases
Lead in Canada's drinking water worse than Flint crisis, investigation says
Hundreds of thousands of Canadians exposed to lead in water, some levels exceeding that of Flint
Lead in some Canadian water worse than US's Flint: report
Lead levels in Canadian water 'unsafe'
Lead levels in Canadian water 'exceed safe limit' in a third of cases
Windsor tap water 'no comparison' to Flint: Enwin
High levels of lead found in much of Canada's water supply

Follow up items

November 15 -- Here's how Metlakatla First Nation in British Columbia tackles acidic water

Northwest Media

November 6 -- Wat-er you going to do about it?
November 5 -- Rupert water and lead (video)
November 5 -- Apples to Oranges: Prince Rupert Mayor calls comparison to Flint unfair
November 5 --  City of Prince Rupert says 'water worse that Flint' data is misrepresentative

This archive will be anchored as part of our right hand column feature Extra Edition, accessed from its home page here.

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