Tuesday, March 5, 2019

City of Prince Rupert to take action on Derelict vehicles

The City of Prince Rupert is making plans to coordinate a Vehicle Clean Up program in the community this spring, offering assistance to residents to remove the growing number of derelict vehicles that can be found across the city.

As part of their encouragement towards a spring clean up, the municipality is asking that owners of derelict vehicles voluntarily sign over ownership of the vehicle to the City, as well as to pay a fee of 70 dollars per vehicle towards their removal.

Following the payment of the fee, the City will then co-ordinate the removal and disposal process.

With local yards at capacity, the city has made use of an ongoing contract with a scrap dealer to remove the vehicles in bulk,  which will offer the opportunity for residents to remove the eyesore vehicles from their property.

As part of the program, over the next few weeks the city's Bylaw Department will also be sending letters to owners of vehicles who have previously received notice of impoundment.

According to the City's Property Maintenance Bylaw, the following conditions qualify a vehicle to be considered unsightly.

They are not registered or licenced in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act;  

They are not capable of movement under their own power

They are not licenced for a period of one year

And/or if they are non-operational for more than one month in any 12 month period.

To co-ordinate a vehicle removal contact the Bylaw Officer at 250-624-6852 and leave a message with your contact information.

The spring vehicle clean up program will be welcome news for Councillors Barry Cunningham and Wade Neish, both of whom  have often made mention of the volume of unsightly vehicles that were accumulating in vacant yards, front yards and boulevard areas around the city.

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For more information on the Derelict Vehicle program see the city's advisory here.

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