Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Councillor Niesh wants to call in the crusher ...

Councillor Wade Niesh wants the city
to take action on derelict cars 
In the eyes of Councillor Wade Niesh, the city's derelict car problem has reached a point where action is long past due and he has a plan for the City to address it, sharing the details for it at Monday's council session.

Speaking towards the end of the twenty eight minute meeting, the Councillor first observed as to some of the problem areas that he has come across during his travels in the city and then offered up a solution, which would be to explore the cost of bringing a car crusher to town to take care of some of the vehicles.

"Ever since and even before I ran for Council I've kinda always had an issue with the amount of abandoned vehicles in our town, and I've brought this up more informally and now I would like to see a little bit of action. 

So, what I would like from City staff is to look into what the cost would be to bring a crusher in and maybe we could work with other people such as Rupert Towing and other towing places that may have vehicles that they would like to get rid of, I would like something done"

Mr. Niesh noted that the topic is one that has been raised with him by many residents of the city and how it's time to start doing something about it.

As part of his request towards addressing the issue, he noted that the city should start looking into eliminating the vehicles and if the city has to go after homeowners, or registered vehicle owners then they city needs to move forward on the issue.

Mayor Brain noted for Council that the city's operations department was working on a project that maps out a clean up process for the community, with the City's Acting City Manager confirming that a report is due to be provided to Council in the future.

You can learn more about Councillor Niesh's crusade against derelict cars from the city's video archive, starting at the 25 minute point.

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