Thursday, July 27, 2017

City issues a hiring call for two positions

Job opportunities available with City of Prince Rupert
(photo of City yard from City or PR Annual Report)

If you can repair vehicles, or work with cement, the City of Prince Rupert wants to hear from you.

Two new job postings have popped up on the City's Hiring board, with the Operations Department on the hunt for a Mechanic and a Stonemason.

The Stonemason position has a quick turnaround time for applications, with the deadline to submit your resume coming up on August 1st, while those with an interest in the Mechanics position have until August 25th to drop off a resume.

Some background on both positions can be found below (click to enlarge):

The new entries to the Help Wanted listings comes after a bit of a summer lull in the city's ongoing hiring call, as they continue add to the civic employment rolls, or replace staffing for positions from retiring workers.

A look at the pace of civic employment over the last year with the City can be found on our archive page here.

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