Thursday, July 6, 2017

Regatta's Port Call launches a busy July for Prince Rupert's Cruise industry

Sunshine and warm temperatures greeted Wednesday's arrival of the Regatta
When the luxury cruise ship the Regatta pulled out of Prince Rupert harbour last night just after 7 PM, the departure marked the first of what will be eight port visits for a range of cruise ships this month, making for the busiest month of cruise related tourism this year.

On Wednesday, the visitors from the Regatta disembarked into one of the nicest and sun filled days of the year, taking to the streets, shops and organized tour opportunities in strong numbers, as they set out to explore what the North Coast has to offer.

A lull in the action late in the afternoon yesterday at the Northland Cruise Terminal
as many of the passengers on the Regatta were already out and about for the day

Tour and shuttle buses made frequent trips to and from the Northland
Cruise Terminal on Wednesday

The Regatta will be a familiar sight for cruise ship watchers this month, by the time July has come to an end the vessel will return to the Northland Cruise Ship Terminal three more times, making for the potential of near 2800  passengers to have been offered the opportunity to come ashore in Prince Rupert from that one vessel alone.

Also arriving at Northland this month will be the Crystal Serenity which calls twice this month bringing with her 10,70 passenger each time and the Seabourn Sojourn, which will bring 450 to port. The Silver Sea Expeditions Silver Discovery is also pencilled in for a port call at the end of the month.

August will also be a busy month for the local Cruise operators and Prince Rupert ambassadors, with six port calls on the listings heading towards Labour Day. August 12 will be the day to circle on your cruise watching calendar, with both the Sojourn and the Regatta calling on Prince Rupert that day, delivering a combined 1,134 visitors to the city.

A quick snapshot of the July schedule can be reviewed below:

July 5 --   Regatta -- 684 passengers
Arrival - 10 AM  -- Departure 7 PM

July 12 -- Regatta -- 684 passengers
Arrival - 10 AM --  Departure 7 PM

July 17 -- Serenity -- 1,070 passengers
Arrival - 1 PM --     Departure 8 PM

July 18 -- Sojourn -- 450 passengers
Arrival - 8 AM --     Departure 6 PM

July 19 -- Regatta -- 684 passengers
Arrival - 10 AM --   Departure 7 PM

July 26 -- Regatta -- 684 passengers
Arrival - 10 AM --    Departure  7 PM

July 27 -- Serenity -- 1,070 passengers
Arrival - 1 PM --       Departure 8 PM

July 28 -- Silver Discoverer -- 128 passengers
Arrival TBD --          Departure TBD

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