Tuesday, July 18, 2017

School District 52 issues advisory on school supplies and fall enrollment

We know that few youngsters probably want to hear about the upcoming school year just (though maybe a few parents might be inclined to hear of the post Labour day start), however with local stores already showcasing some school supplies on their shelves, SD52 has released a timely note related to what students will need for the year ahead.

In a notice posted to the SD52 website, the District observes that parents/guardian are NOT required to purchase general school supplies for elementary students as in previous years, as that been provided for through extra funding from the Ministry of Education.

As well, the supply list for middle school students has been reduced for next year.

Parents are still required to purchase indoor shoes for elementary students and gym strip for Middle school students.

The update from the District is available here, should parents or guardians have any further questions, they are asked to contact their school after August 28th.

In addition to their overview of the new funding for school supplies for 2017-18, SD52 has also outlined some of the details for the registration process for new students to the district for the fall.

The School District has provided a Catchment Map that highlights which school students attend from four areas of the city (see below, click to enlarge)

For parents wishing to seek a cross boundary exemption for their children, a form to apply for transfer is available here.

All schools will re-open for Registration on August 28th, notes related to elementary, Prince Rupert Middle School, Charles Hays Secondary School and Pacific Coast School can be reviewed here.

School resumes following the Labour Day holiday, with the doors opening again on September 5.

Annunciation, the city's Independent School, also has some background on back to school planning notes available, though updates for 2017-18 school year have not been posted as of yet, you can review their information here.

Like public school students, those attending Annunciation return to class following the Labour Day holiday.

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  1. What about Charles Hays School do we need to buy school supplies?

  2. Hi there, my understanding of the school supplies funding project is that it is mainly for elementary schools with reduced cost for middle school.

    Near as I know, for Secondary students at CHSS you are still responsible for your own supplies, though you should call the school to find out what if any options that they may haver there. Good Luck with the upcoming school year!!!