Friday, July 14, 2017

Harbour Debris Society AGM on the horizon

Disposing of debris is one of the
annual tasks for the Prince Rupert
Harbour Debris Society

(photo from PRPA photo stream)
The local society that is dedicated towards harbour clean up will be hosting their Annual General Meeting next week at the Prince Rupert Port Authority offices in the Atlin Terminal.

The Prince Rupert Harbour Debris Society consists of a core group of volunteers that work to ensure that the waters around the city and harbour facilities are clear of the range of debris that accumulates through the year.

In past years they have disposed of the accumulated debris through a burn off, advising the public of the planned disposal in advance.

An information release from the Port of Prince Rupert from a few years ago highlights the scope of the work they take on, as well as some of the debris that they deal with on an annual basis.

Incorporated as a non-profit group in 1983, the importance of their work has grown over the years as the Prince Rupert waterfront has become more active. The work of the Society was profiled back in a Canadian Logistics magazine in this item from 2012.

You can learn more about their work at the AGM which takes place on July 20th at 3 PM at the Atlin Terminal.

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