Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DP World, Port of Prince Rupert in Vancouver court as part of Hanjin hearing

The Hanjin Scarlet at anchorage in Prince Rupert harbour in
September, the bankrupt shipping line is facing a number
of claims in Vancouver Federal court this week

The ghosts of shipping lines past are the focus for the Federal Court in Vancouver today, as a number of litigants appear to present their case in the proceedings related to the now bankrupt Hanjin shipping line.

Among those found among the entries for the court list today are DP World Prince Rupert and the Prince Rupert Port Authority, with the Hanjin Vienna their concern.

Documents posted today show that the the theme of admiralty - Contract issues, as well as Wharfage and Harbour dues listed as the main interest of both.

Saam Smit Canada which provides services along the BC coast is also listed in the court proceedings for today seeking to present their claim for Supplies and services delivered during the period leading up to the day that the Hanjin line ran into its financial iceberg.

Just a few of the listings for the Vancouver Court today as litigants
move forward with their claims agains the Hanjin shipping line

A review of the days of Hanjin traces back some of the events that unfolded in September of 2016.

A Port of Prince Rupert information release, was the first indication of the drama that was to play out over the fall, with the Port at the time noting the arrival of the Hanjin Scarlet in Prince Rupert in late August, advising at the time that the ship was not being handled or worked at the Fairview Container Terminal.

Eventually the cargo that was to be unloaded in Prince Rupert found its way off the vessel, but from that point, the ship entered a mariner's limbo, somewhat akin to a house arrest, where the crew would man the ship from an anchorage in the outer harbour

The vessel would sit off the entry to Prince Rupert harbour for fifty five days before it set sail for Vancouver and an opportunity for some of the crew to depart for home. Though for creditors the story would carry on well into 2017.

You can look back at the impact of the Hanjin bankruptcy both in Prince Rupert and around the world  from our archive page here.

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