Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending July 23, 2017

Provincial politics returned to the top of interest list this week as NDP Premier John Horgan named his cabinet on Tuesday, and while she did not make it into the top tier of cabinet positions, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice did received a posting from the Premier, as she takes on duties as Parliamentary Secretary for Emergence preparedness.

While the kids probably have no interest in the topic of heading back to School in September, SD52 did offer up some helpful advice this week for parents for the upcoming year, outlining the new approach to school supplies for the year ahead as well as the guidelines for registration for the year ahead.

The robbery of a convenience store on the city's west side has the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP seeking some help from the public as they continue on with their investigation.

Watson Island is back in the news again, this time as City Council prepares to review a report from City Manager Robert Long related to plans to expropriate land on the industrial site.

And the final story of the top five that generated significant interest came as the ground shook, and rather violently far off to the Northwest, as the Russian islands of the Pacific suffered a 7.8 magnitude quake. The seismic event was strong enough to temporarily set off a tsunami alert for portions of Alaska, one which was quickly called off as any danger passed.

The top story of the week however returns us to Victoria and the launch of the new NDP government, as Premier Horgan revealed his cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries this week.

Jennifer Rice given parliamentary secretary duties in John Horgan government --  The first NDP government to take power in BC in over sixteen years was sworn in to office this week, and for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice the path ahead finds her appointed to the position of Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness.   (posted July 19, 2017)

That article was followed by:

School District 51 issues advisory on school supplies and fall enrollment -- School has only been out a few weeks, but for parents making plans for September, SD52 outlines some helpful notes on school supplies and the start of the school year just after Labour Day (posted July 18, 2017)

RCMP  seek public assistance in PJ's Park Avenue Foods robbery -- A robbery on the west side of the city earlier in the week has the Prince Rupert RCMP seeking the help of the public as they continue on with their investigation. (posted July 20, 2017)

City Council to consider expropriation of Watson Island land -- The return to council duties on Monday evening, will see the Mayor and Council members reviewing a report from City Manager Robert Long, with Watson Island and a potential expropriation of land on the Island the main item for the Agenda.  (posted July 21, 2017)

Tsunami Advisory for Coastal Alaska issued following 7.8 quake along Russian Islands -- A powerful earthquake on the Russian side of the Aleutians provided for a short lived tsunami advisory for portions of Coastal Alaska, though the threat never made it as far as Southeast Alaska or the North Coast of BC. (posted July 17, 2017)

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