Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bear reports from city's west side bring Conservation Service to town

A bear sighting on the city's west side has brought
the Conservation officer to town to set a trap

(photo from Facebook post)

A number of bear sightings in the community over the last few days has brought the Terrace based Conservation Officer to town, resulting in a bear trap to be put in place in order to remove the bear from the area.

The trail of the Bear's wanderings across town began through a Facebook post, which provided visual proof of the bear and some of the dining options that  bears and other wildlife can find in the Prince Rupert region.

A number of Bear sighting reports have brought the Conservation Officer
Service to the city this week, setting a trap for a suspected habituated bear

The original post, has served as a bear tutorial for the community, with many participants having weighed in with commentary, questions and advice when it comes to any interaction with the black bear.

As well as that community forum advice, the BC Conservation Officer Service offers up these suggestions:

More on bear and other wildlife encounters can be reviewed here.

Should anyone in the community come across any bears, common sense suggests giving it a wide berth and contacting the RCMP locally if an emergency situation call 911, otherwise call 624-2136 for further guidance.

As well any resident that has an interaction with a bear should contact the BC Conservation Service at  1-877-952-7277

In a non-emergency situation, you can also make a report to the Conservation Officer Service by way of an online form.

The BC Conservation Officer Service also hosts a Facebook page related to its work across the province.

More notes related to Emergency Service Providers in the Northwest can be found here.

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