Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Port maintenance and warehouse complex rises on city's west side

The Port's Maintenance and Warehouse complex is taking shape 
on the approach to the Fairview Container Terminal

The pace of construction continues towards the finish line as the Prince Rupert Port Authorities' Maintenance and Warehouse complex takes its place high above Highway 16 on the city's west side.

The shell of the building overlooking the approach to the Alaska and BC Ferry Terminals is now up, providing those passing by with a visual impression of the scope of the footprint for the project and major investment for the Port authority

The 16 million dollar project at the intersection of Scott Road and Highway 16 will once completed consist of two structures the first housing the maintenance facility, the second providing for the warehouse space.

Site clearing started in early September of 2016 and things appear to be moving well towards the completion target of September of this year.

The need for the new facility comes as the Fairview Container Terminal continues to expand, requiring the use of the existing space on site at Fairview by DP World for terminal operations.

You can review the Port's synopsis of the project from their Future Growth area of the PRPA website.

More notes related to the Port and its impact on the region can be found on our archive page here.

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