Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Amidst all the goodwill towards Cariboo fire victims, others have ill intent

BC Wild Fire fighters in the fire zone
of the Cariboo/Highway 97 corridor

(BC Wildfire Service twitter feed)
Surely there is a certain place in hell reserved for people who take advantage of a crisis to make an uncertain situation even that much worse.

Those following our archive of items related to the BC Wildfires currently burning across wide swaths of the Cariboo and Highway 97 corridor have discovered some wonderful stories of strangers offering a helping hand, willing to do anything to lessen the concerns of those who have been forced from their homes.

Up and down the Highway 97 region Communities have been pulling together to ensure the safety of their citizens, while other cities and towns open their doors to fire evacuees, many of whom still don't know if they will have anything to return to once the flames have been beaten down and extinguished.

And yet, through the last few days a few stories have started to appear that show that not all British Columbians share the spirit of taking care of those in the most need.

From looting, and break and entries at abandoned properties, to people impersonating RCMP officers to urge an evacuation of areas not in any danger, it's a somewhat disturbing lesson for us all to learn that when things get to their worst, those with nothing but ill intent ramp up their work.

A few examples so far:

Break and enter arrest made in 100 Mile evacuation area
Looting arrests made in wake of B.C. wildfire evacuations
Stop posting fake news on social media, B.C. wildfire evacuee says
More RCMP on the way
Quesnel Mayor warns of fake fire marshals going door-to-door issuing evacuation alerts
People Posing as Police asking residents to evacuate
Police imposters in Quesnel area
Evacuees targeted by thieves

Fortunately there are far more stories to be heard of the numbers of those across the province wishing to do all they can to lend assistance, a heart warming reminder of the common good and something that is providing for the antidote for those who are taking advantage of those in the most distress.

Hopefully, once the emergency is over and the evacuees return home, the courts of British Columbia will deliver the appropriate sentence for those that showed their worst, a way station perhaps towards their eventual delivery to their personal salon in the bowels of Hell.

To keep up to date on some of the developments from the Fire lines and evacuation centres see our archive page here.

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