Monday, July 17, 2017

Premier Designate John Horgan set to announce his cabinet selections

It's one more sleep before John Horgan
claims the official title of Premier of BC
For many NDP MLA's today will be a day of waiting to see if the phone will ring, and with it, an invitation from John Horgan to move into the ranks of those that attain the highest of positions in the provincial government.

Today is the final day for checking lists twice, as the Transition Team for Premier Designate John Horgan works out their final decisions as to which of the successful MLA's  from the May election campaign will be moved into the first NDP cabinet in over sixteen years.

Tuesday is the official swearing in for the new NDP Government and prior to the Legislature ceremony, Mr, Horgan will have reviewed his options and revealed those that will be entrusted with moving the NDP's political agenda ahead for whatever length of time the minority government will allow for.

For Horgan, each position will require thought on a range of options, from skills for the cabinet post that is being offered, to political experience in the heat of battle. The latter especially key with the upcoming session this fall for the Legislature one that should make for some heated debate, one where a mis-step by a cabinet minister could lead to any number of consequences and with it the fate of a government with but a one seat majority.

Added to the mix for the NDP leader and soon to be Premier is the need to address the wishes of the Green Party, to which the balance of power currently rests and already Mr. Horgan has seemingly made relations with Mr. Weaver and his MLA's a top concern.

Towards keeping the lines of communication open and squashing any problems before they arrive, the NDP have put in place a new political mechanism to be known as the confidence and supply agreement secretariat.

It will make for a department of Kumbaya if you will, one that will be looking to ensure that both the NDP and Greens can continue to sing from the same hymn book.

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North Coast voters will be
watching with interest today
to see if they are now
represented by a Cabinet minister
in Jennifer Rice
Residents of Northwest British Columbia will also be watching with interest today as the cabinet roll out takes place, eager to see how the new Premier plans to address the concerns of rural and coastal British Columbia.

For the Northwest there are two potential cabinet ministers waiting to hear word if they move to the high profile that cabinet status brings, with both the North Coast's Jennifer Rice and Stikine's Doug Donaldson possible options for the cabinet room.

As can be imagined, there has been no shortage of suggestions towards who Mr. Horgan should put in the front bench and seek counsel from around the cabinet table.

Some of the media suggestions can be reviewed below.

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