Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ray-Mont facilty work continues on Ridley Island

Work continues on Ridley Island as
the Ray-Mont Grain handling terminal
project moves forward

Site preparation work recently was wrapped up on the south side of Ridley Island and with those contractors having taken their leave, a new crew has moved in to get to work in the build up of the Ray-Mont shipment terminal facility.

With Port Edward residents the closest to the work site, the District has provided a notice to the public related to the ongoing work at the Ridley site, noting that the work should not be obtrusive for residents with much of the schedule that of a 7 AM to 7 PM timeline.

The Ray-Mont facility will provide for an integrated logistics and container loading facility through the Ridley Island site, once in operation it will receive hopper cars from Canada's prairie provinces bringing a range of grains and other agricultural products to Prince Rupert for shipment through the Fairview Container Terminals.

The South side of Ridley Island has been an active construction
site over the last three months, site clearing recently was
completed and construction of the Ray-Mont facility is
now underway

(from the Port of Prince Rupert photo stream)

A press release from the Port in March noted that 40 jobs are expected to be created in the Prince Rupert area once the state of the art terminal is in operation, the timeline for the launch of services out of the Port is expected to be sometime this fall.

As well as the terminal construction, some infill work is in the works for the causeway at the Northern End of Porpoise Harbour over the next year and a half, as work crews take to an intermittent schedule to build up the area with layers of rock.

You can review the Notice from Port Edward here.

More notes related to the Ray-Mont terminal plans can be found here.

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