Friday, July 28, 2017

Public Notice heralds upcoming clean up of Port Edward Trailer Park

With a court order in hand, the District of Port Edward is preparing to move ahead with a clean up and disposal of a range of items that are currently on the land known as Kurpil's Trailer Park.

That area of the District has long been a topic of discussion for Council members, who have frequently commented on the need for action to address a number concerns from residents of the community.

A public notice released by the District this week, outlines the scope of the upcoming clean up, which will see the following materials removed from the site.

Abandoned vehicles
Discarded Equipment
All Mobile Trailer Units

Port Edward Council voted to move ahead with their plan of removal at the July Council session, citing a number of safety concerns related to the property.

With the Public Notice now issued, residents of the area have until August 18th to settle their affairs at the site or face the cost of the clean up as per the District's Bylaw #277.

A more detailed look at the provisions of Bylaw 277 is available here.

Any final requests and inquiries related to the process of Bylaw enforcement are to be directed to the District office at 250-628-3667

More notes related to items of interest in Port Edward can be found on our archive page here.

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