Monday, July 10, 2017

Red Cross to host Volunteer Open House Wednesday

It's an institution that is often the first to respond when disaster strikes, a response now in motion across the Cariboo and Southern Interior, as the Red Cross of Canada mobilizes its resources and calls for donations to assists those that have suffered during the ongoing wildfire situation in that region of the province.

As the fire situation continues to evolve, the Red Cross has launched an appeal for donations for Canadians to provide monetary assets towards items and services that are required during emergency situations.

And while that's perhaps what the Red Cross is most known for, they also have a range of services to offer in communities across British Columbia and locally, the Red Cross will be sharing some of that information with North Coast residents this Wednesday, as they host an Open House at the Prince Rupert Hospital.

The event takes place at 4 PM at Prince Rupert Regional and will offer an opportunity for those living in this region to learn how they can become involved and what services that the local Red Cross is involved with.

At the moment the main focus of the Red Cross is through its health equipment loan program, staff members will be in attendance at Wednesday's Open House and will provide more information on that initiative as to answer any questions related to the local office.

The local office is located at A Floor of the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital.

You can contact them at 250-622-6240

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