Tuesday, July 11, 2017

CityWest celebrate Fibre launch for Downtown Terrace; expands fibre service to Jackpine area

CityWest celebrates fibre expansion project completion in Terrace
(photo from CityWest Facebook page)

CityWest hosted a Double Celebration last week as the Prince Rupert based communication company hailed the completion of their 1 million dollar expansion project in the downtown area of Terrace.

With the expansion, CityWest also noted that fibre footprint will offer improved services in the Jackpine residential area of the city as well.

Work began in April on the twin projects and was completed on time and within budget, with the service now available residential and business customers will be able to access the new technology for a range of communication options.

CityWest CEO Chris Marrett made note of the expansion and how it continues on with CityWest's commitment to the Terrace area.

"This investment not only improves the experience for our customers in these areas, but it also shows how dedicated we are to the community of Terrace and surrounding areas, Our team of 80 employees from Northern B.C. has been constantly improving our customers’ network for over a decade. ...  “We undertook this project because we’re always helping and investing in the communities we serve, and, going forward, we’ll continue to invest in Terrace and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

As part of the Friday launch, CityWest held their event on the property of Northcoast Anglers, a longtime Terrace business which suffered a devastating fire in April,.

CityWest and Mr. Mikes partnered at the event to sell burgers, with the proceeds from sales going towards a fund to help the popular Terrace fishing supply store get back in business.

More on last weeks announcement can be reviewed here, while a look at the services offered by CityWest in the Terrace region, as well as the rest of the Northwest can be found here.

More background on communication services in the Northwest is available on our archive page.

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