Thursday, July 27, 2017

With a bear on the loose, a Rupert resident creates a Bear Tracker

The bear sightings apparently continue to be noted around the city's west side, as a troublesome bear continues to elude capture, seemingly having kept a wide berth of the trap set for him near the Golf course, a trap which was reportedly moved on Wednesday.

Such is the wandering nature of the member of the Ursidae family that Prince Rupert resident Dave McKeever, has created a Bear Tracker,  providing residents of the city an opportunity to place a marker on the map to report any bear sightings, along with the Date and time of the contact.

The first and only marker to this point was recorded earlier this month and McKeever is looking for more input from the community to keep an eye on the wayward Yogi.

Should enough residents lend a hand to the project (and providing the bear cooperates with more appearances we imagine) there could be enough data provided to lend assistance to the BC Conservation service and help to narrow down the search.

The first reports of the bear in the community came back on July 12th when the Conservation Service arrived in town to set the trap.

More notes on the work of emergency services in the region can be reviewed from our archive page.

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