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Blog watching: Week ending July 29, 2017

Not surprisingly in a week dominated by the cancellation of one of the largest proposed industrial projects in recent history for the North Coast, the decision by Petronas to walk away from their plans to develop the Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal captured the bulk of the stories, and interest on the last seven days.

Three of our five top items on the week,  featured items related to the LNG story quickly and climbed to the top of the viewed list through to Saturday night, with a number of other stories also percolating close enough to the top for inclusion to the theme for this week.

Municipal and provincial politics did manage to elbow their way into the top five however, with the City's newly revealed plan to expropriate land on Watson Island signalling a shift in vision for the City of Prince Rupert's plans for the industrial site, while former Premier Christy Clark brought the week to an end with some drama, announcing her  decision to depart from politics as of this coming week.

The top story of the week however puts the focus on the end of five years plus in discussion on the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG project and another significant announcement that impacts on the North Coast Economy.

A Shoe drops for Petronas ... and Prince Rupert is not a good fit for Malaysia's LNG Terminal plans -- The mid morning announcement from the Malaysia energy giant Petronas cancelling the Pacific NorthWest LNG project left some disappointed and others in a celebratory mood, providing for the news narrative for the week   (posted July 25, 2017)

That article was followed by:

With silence so far locally, the Petronas decision on PNW LNG echoes far beyond Prince Rupert -- Our original follow up item to the week's major announcement, preceded what eventually became a roll out of statement after statement from local officials, first from NDP MP Nathan Cullen (see here), followed by MLA Jennifer Rice (see here) and Port Edward Mayor Dave MacDonald (see here), all issuing a formal statement on the cancellation. A roll call of local officials that left only Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain on the sidelines when it comes to an official statement by weeks end (posted July 26, 2017)

TransCanada Pipelines to reivew PRGT project in wake of Petronas cancellation --  With the Pacific North/West LNG project now rendered to the could have been files, the fate of the pipeline that was to bring Natural Gas to the North Coast is now being reconsidered. (posted July 27, 2017)

Expropriation plans signal significant shift in City's thinking for Watson Island future --  At Monday evening's Council session, Prince Rupert City Council members received a report from the City's Financial Officer (but had zero questions to ask of her) on the plans for expropriation of a parcel of land on Watson Island. Following up on their Monday meeting, in a late Friday afternoon announcement, the city outlined its plans to amend the 2017 Financial Plan next week with two Special Regular Council sessions called to address the expropriation plans.   (posted July 26, 2017)

Christy Clark steps down as leader of BC Liberals --  In a week of political and economic seismic shocks, the week ended with another one, as former Premier Christy Clark announced her plans to step down as both leader of the BC Liberal party and MLA for Kelowna West (posted July 28, 2017)

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