Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Items from City of Prince Rupert Budget Planning Process -- 2019 Archive

Our Quick reference and archive listings for items related to the Annual Budget Planning process at the City of Prince Rupert.

Items of Note for 2019


December 11 -- Northwest anticipated to feature higher assessment rates for British Columbia in 2020  NCR
December 11 -- Capital project tutorial 'paves' the way to 2020 for City Council  NCR
December 10 -- CityWest deliver $600,000 distribution payment to City of Prince Rupert for 2019  NCR
December 5 -- Victoria's City Council learns a hard lesson on salaries ... one other communities may want to take note of  NCR


November 27 -- Special Events Society make note of some of the challenges of relocation plans for City Council  NCR
November 27 -- Council approves City Staff recommendations for Community Enhancement Grants with one addition to the list  NCR


October 4 -- City of Prince Rupert opens Application period for Community Enhancement Grant process NCR


July 26 -- City's Water/Airport Ferry Needs result in higher cost to May NCR
July 25 -- City anticipating better results for Cow Bay Marina as summer moves forward  NCR
July 24 -- Council hears of Library's changing purpose and expanding service to community as part of presentation  NCR
July 17 -- City seeks feedback on Community Grant process through Rupert Talks Survey  NCR
July 2 -- Tick, tick, tick ... the clock is running on property tax payment day for Prince Rupert NCR


June 24 -- Council to review new criteria for Permissive Property Tax Exemption Policy tonight NCR
June 24 -- Window for Public comment on Annual Report closes tonight at City Council  NCR
June 14 -- The Short and Long of the reports delivered to Council this week ... with SOFI reviews and a look at the Annual Report for 2018 NCR
June 10 -- Prince Rupert's payments for Goods and Services were shared among 102 suppliers in 2018  NCR
June 10 -- City of Prince Rupert pay and benefits crossed over the 15 million dollar mark in 2018  NCR
June 10 -- SOFI Report outlines Mayor and Council compensation for work of 2018  NCR
June 3 -- Provincial Port Tax Process said to be set for review by Ministry of Finance  NCR


May 23 -- Greetings from City Hall to your door this week; as Prince Rupert property tax bills arrive  NCR
May 16 -- CFO's snapshot outlines findings from Audited Statements for 2018  NCR


April 19 -- Short Thursday Session of Council approves Budget, Salary increases for Prince Rupert City Council  NCR
April 18 -- As Budget moves towards adoption, Mayor Brain brings his Facebook followers on a tour of success  NCR
April 17 -- Despite second go round on sharing Budget tax decrease, Council holds firm on 2% decision  NCR
April 10 -- You filled up your gas tank; and now the city plans to fill some potholes and pave some roads  NCR
April 10 -- More money required for Airport Ferry Refit, as total closes in on One Million Dollar Mark  NCR
April 10 -- Council almost to the finish line towards approval on salary increases  NCR
April 10 -- Council maintains 2 percent tax cut as part of Budget approval Monday evening  NCR
April 8 -- City Council set to move forward on Budget Plans with tonight's council session  NCR
April 5 -- What Prince Rupert Council may learn from their counterparts in Prince George when it comes to spending plans and how to promote them  NCR


March 27 -- With consultation period near an end, Budget decisions await City Council  NCR
March 25 -- Last Call to speak on the Budget Plan at City Hall NCR
March 13 -- For the most part ... it was a dis-engaged community for council's first Budget engagement process NCR
March 12 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, March 11, 2019  NCR
March 11 -- City Councillors set to hear from the public on Consultation Night in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 8 -- Some unfinished updates for Prince Rupert Rupert Council to take care of ...  NCR
March 5 -- Budget engagement includes online presentation of Five year financial plan  NCR
March 1 -- Dollars for Democracy: The hyperbole of Council Salary recommendations  NCR


February 28 -- Bomben's Budget Blue Print, Council comments both point to increased confidence in city's financial results  NCR
February 26 -- Council's first look at Budget 2019 offers up 2 percent tax cut; increases to RCMP and bylaw staffing  NCR
February 25 -- 2019 City of Prince Rupert budget process to get underway tonight  NCR



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