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Municipal Government 2018 -- District of Port Edward

District of Port Edward website

Our archive of items related to Municipal Government issues in the District of Port Edward for 2018.



December 27 -- District of Port Edward works towards strategic planning for 2019   NCR
December 4 -- Occupancy set for January for Port Edward's Grey Owl Retreat  NCR
December 3 -- Port Edward looks to hire grant writer to pursue funding opportunities  NCR


November 16 -- District of Port Edward welcomes new council


October 29 -- Port Edward Mayor Dave MacDonald says goodbye

October 20 -- Winds of change roar through Port Edward  NCR
October 15 -- The Ridley Island Tax Agreement: Discussion ... Debate ... Duel? or maybe just some Disclosure  NCR
October 12 -- Rupert mayor calls for public debate on Ridley Island Tax Share
October 11 -- Mayor Brain dials up the rhetoric on Ridley Tax Agreement with Port Edward  NCR
October 10 -- All candidates agree, Ridley Island tax agreement stays
October 9 -- Public Hearing tonight in Port Edward on land rezoning request  NCR
October 8 -- Port Edward Council election forum set for tomorrow night at 7PM  NCR


September 14 -- Seniors housing under construction in Port Edward
September 13 -- Totally our mistake: Kitimat mayor on forgetting Port Edward
September 11 -- Port Edward did not receive LNG support letter


August 19 -- Entire Port Edward council running for re-election
August 1 -- Shovels in the ground for Port Edward's seniors housing


July 31 -- Port Edward highlights process for nominees for Fall election  NCR
July 30 -- Nomination forms available across Northwest for Municipal elections 2018 NCR
July 24 -- Intertidal Music Festival recap (video)
July 20 -- Intertidal Music Festival this weekend (video)
July 19 -- Performers list continues to grow as Intertidal Music Festival nears Saturday showtime NCR
July 13 -- Ridley Island Burn plans make for first step towards Fairview connector road  NCR
July 11 -- Ridley Terminals looks to expand capacity for coal terminal operations  NCR
July 4 -- Coroner's Office takes over investigation into body recovered at Inverness Passage  NCR
July 2 -- Body found on Port Edward shoreline


June 29 -- Thanks to traffic infraction monies, Prince Rupert reaps significant share of Provincial community funding  NCR
June 13 -- Annual report presentation channels many of the Hays 2.0 themes  NCR
June 12 -- Intertidal Music Festival pegs July 21st as date for 2018 showcase NCR


May 31 -- Northern Health expands Connections bus service with new guidelines  NCR
May 23 -- Port Edward and CN to talk about double tracks
May 15 -- More changes for SD52 staffing NCR
May 11 -- Port Edward claims the first bear sighting for the North Coast for 2018  NCR
May 11 -- As Emergency Preparedness week wraps up, CN makes note of its emergency response program  NCR
May 6 -- Port Edward expects 19 per cent of revenue to come from Ridley Island Tax Share




March 30 -- Fencing to be installed before train whistles can stop and runaway rabbits in Port Edward
March 9 -- Prince Rupert City Council quietly makes moves towards new RCMP detachment planning  NCR
March 9 -- In final year of their mandate, Prince Rupert City Council's list of Feuds continues to grow NCR


January 24 -- BC Stats numbers for 2017 show continued population decline for Prince Rupert, Northwest  NCR
January 23 -- Overnight tsunami threat triggered alarm in Port Edward, while much of Prince Rupert slept

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