Monday, September 21, 2020

Transit buses in Prince Rupert/Port Edward up for retrofit

New safety measures for Transit operators are being put in place 
this week in Prince Rupert

There will soon be a new look inside the buses of Prince Rupert and Port Edward Transit, with BC Transit in the midst of a retrofit of their vehicles on the North Coast.

In an announcement from BC Transit last week, a Northwest to do list was outlined, with work set for this week for Prince Rupert/Port Edward,  as well as for the transit systems in Terrace and Kitimat with the work to be completed by the end of the month.

The new look will see a full driver door installed to enhance the safety for the operators.

The full driver door is a movable barrier situated to the right of the driver’s seat near the fare box and is designed to increase protection for our drivers. It includes a transparent piece of laminated tempered glass with anti-glare coating and metal base. The full driver door windows can be adjusted to account for sightlines associated with different seat positions. 

 The full driver door installations will be carried out over a roughly four day period, with the new doors replacing the current vinyl panels installed as protective barriers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Community and handyDART buses in both the conventional and custom systems will continue to be equipped with vinyl panels.

The new safety measure is being installed by Kodiak Mobile Video Installations, with the doors provided by Arow Global Corporation, passengers are not expected to experience any impact to service levels.

In the future, any new Transit buses purchased will come with the doors pre-installed.
Learn more about the project here.

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