Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Fibre line repairs near Prince George, delivered outage for customers and headaches for CityWest and its digital TV upgrade

An unexpected break in the fibre line service between Prince George and Prince Rupert sent North Coast internet users to be early on Monday night, with the the connection interrupted between 11PM and 2AM.

The outage came at the same time as CityWest was conducting its own Digital TV upgrade and as a result of the fibre outage, CityWest will not be sure until later today if their own upgrades were completed as had been hoped.

As we noted yesterday, CityWest had planned to work on its digital TV upgrades through the night from 11PM to 5 AM, should there be more work required they most likely will share that through their social media stream, which you can access here.

Should you be having problems with your Digital TV service today, you can contact CityWest at 1-800-442-8664 for assistance.

CityWest was not the only communication service affected by last night's fibre work near Prince George, they note in their update of this morning that the outage affected multiple providers across the Northwest.

For more notes on CityWest and other communication themes in the Northwest see our archive page here.

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