Thursday, September 17, 2020

Environment Canada reintroduces Special Air Quality Statement for North Coast and across Northwest

The smoky skies will be back for the next little while, with Environment Canada re-issuing a Special Air Quality Statement this morning for the North Coast - coastal regions and all points east in Northern British Columbia.

The Regions of BC highlighted on the map are being impacted or are likely to be impacted by wildfire smoke over the next 24 hours. Smoke originating from wildfires in the United States will continue to transport over the southern half of the province. Impacts in the south will be greater in magnitude than the north. 

Risk for intermittent smoke in the Skeena region and central coast increases later today through tomorrow. 

Air quality is expected to begin to improve for all regions over the weekend. 

The Full Smoky Skies Bulletin for today is available here.

The next bulletin update will be available September 18, 2020

The Air Quality is related to the ongoing Wildfires of Washington State, Oregon and California, the first Statement was issued on Friday, with updates coming through the weekend.

British Columbia has stepped up to lend a hand to the neighbours to the south, announcing today that 200 fire fighters and other personnel have been dispatched to help battle the current fires burning in Oregon. The first wave of BC assistance is destined for Redmond, Oregon, the province is also considering a second deployment of 200 firefighters in the coming days.

The advisory from Environment Canada can be reviewed below:

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The latest air quality advisory for the North Coast should come to an end by the weekend, with a shift in the weather systems for the Northwest calling for a return of rain starting on Sunday.

More items of note related to weather situations for the Northwest can be explored through our archive page here.

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