Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Return-it BC introduces new unified deposit for all refundable beverage containers

Prince Rupert's Return-It Depot on Third West may
be a busy place for the next week as new unified 
deposit returns go into effect

As October looms just over the horizon, you may want to collect whatever beverage containers you have and get them into the Return-it Centre on Third Avenue West in Prince Rupert. 

That way you can take one last advantage of 20 cent deposit returns, with some items set to a return to a ten cent pay out starting October 1st.

The Return-It program outlined the changes last week for its customers, noting that containers that previously carried a 20-cent deposit, such as plastic, glass, and gable top containers over 1 litre in size, will switch to the new unified 10-cent deposit. 

By having one unified deposit for all beverage containers – regardless of the size - will simplify the overall system and make it even easier for consumers to recycle all their beverage containers. 

Consumers will have until October 11th to return beverage containers purchased before the the deposit change of last year, after that date consumers will be charged the unified deposit rate of 10 cents for all containers covered by the Return-it system.

With the date for the change to the new system only days away, you may anticipate a bit of a congested sorting depot for the next week, as wise Rupertites cash in on their investments.

More on the move to the unified pricing structure can be explored here.

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