Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Meetings the focus for Mayor, Council and Senior Staff as UBCM approaches

Mayor Lee Brain updated Council on the schedule ahead
for the Virtual Version of UBCM week taking place Sept 21-24

While the suitcases will remain in the closet and the plans for a Victoria trip now dashed, members of Prince Rupert City Council and senior staff will still be making preparations for next week's annual gathering of the Union of British Columbian Municipalities.

The collective of municipal government hosts it annual convention through virtual means  from September 21-24, with Zoom like conferences and a range of online one on one sessions taking the place of the usual face to face contact that convention week brings.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain provided a thumbnail sketch of what may lay ahead for Council and staff as UBCM week nears; speaking to the topic at Monday's City Council session.

"This coming week we also have a variety of Minister meetings, so the next two weeks is sort of UBCM week virtually.  Generally speaking at the UBCM Convention which is annual and was supposed to be in Victoria but is all virtual.

Council will be attending virtual conversations with various Ministries this week; I'll also be doing an additional meeting with the Premier, Finance Minister and Minister of MunicipalAffairs and Housing as one of the RBA co-chairs"

Mr. Brain also noted that there are hopes for an update from the Resource Benefits Alliance following those virtual engagements.

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