Thursday, August 20, 2020

UBCM Talking Points 2020

September makes for convention season for BC municipal leaders as the province's elected officials and their senior staff members, along with a string of BC government and opposition members prepare to take part in the annual UBCM convention.

Though this year, the gathering will be a virtual one, with plans for the week long gathering planned for Victoria scuppered by the COVID-19 virus and ongoing measures towards large gatherings.

As they gather around their Zoom Rooms for the 2020 version, many of the core elements will remain, with resolutions, elections, Reports and speeches all part of the Agenda for the four days.

The road ahead for the 2020 version of UBCM was charted out in May when organizers outlined how this years event was going to move forward.

"The 2020 UBCM Convention will be going ahead in a virtual format September 22-24. “Over the last century, UBCM has found ways to meet during the great depression, two world wars and the Spanish Flu pandemic. We will also find a way for our members to meet and deliberate the issues that matter to B.C.’s communities in 2020.” UBCM received provincial support and authorization to hold a virtual meeting through an order issued by Minister Farnworth and direction provided by UBCM’s Executive." -- Sooke Mayor Maja Tait, UBCM president. 

As we head towards convention week, we will offer up items of interest below culled from developments that come out of the virtual gathering for 2020.

Items from the blog focused on the North Coast and related to the convention can be found in this archive listed in their own section and, highlighted in red,  our blog contributions to the theme will be marked by our blue NCR icon, allowing you to find them with a quick scan.

Notes on the convention that are related to the North Coast and Northwest involvement from other media sources will listed below in green typeface.

Notes of interest from other communities will be highlighted in orange .

A look at the Program for the Vancouver event can be found here

As well you can also explore  the UBCM Book of Resolutions  that will be considered during the course of the five day convention.

Readers of the blog can also find updates on information from UBCM by way of their website and through twitter a wider look at the thoughts of convention delegates can be explored from the  #UBCM2020 hashtag

North Coast Review notes 2020

May 6 -- UBCM following two paths for Convention Planning NCR

Other Prince Rupert related notes  on UBCM 2019


From elsewhere in the Northwest

September 25 -- Mills Memorial Hospital replacement update (video)
September 3 -- Port Clements to discuss timber sales impasse at UBCM


From Around British Columbia

September 21 -- City sends ideas to UBCM

May 26 -- UBCM annual convention can be held electronically

April 27 -- Premier says province working with UBCM to address COVID-19 related questions from municipalities like Kamloops

Other items related to UBCM, as well as the work of provincial and municipal officials can be reviewed on our political Portal D'Arcy McGee.  

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