Thursday, August 13, 2020

BC First Nations Justice Council opens Prince Rupert Indigenous Justice Centre

Prince Rupert is now part of the ongoing efforts to rebuild First Nations Justice systems and institutions, with the opening of an office in support of the BC First Nations Justice Council.

As part of their expansion of services the Council has announced the opening of the Prince Rupert Indigenous Justice Centre.

The office is located in the downtown area in the Ocean Centre and is part of the Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Service Office (2nd Avenue West side of the building).

The contact person for the Prince Rupert Centre is Rudy Kelly, who will help steer those seeking more information towards appropriate resources.

Among some of the issues and concerns that the local office will assist with are:

Legal advice and representation for criminal and child protection matters

Advocacy and support in dealing with agencies such as the RCMP and Ministry of Children and Family Development

Referrals to relevant agencies such as counselling or employment to name a few.

Information towards better transitions from jail and integration into the community

Exploring restorative justice options

And offering Assistance in helping people reconnect with their community or band.

The Prince Rupert Indigenous Justice Centre is
located on the Second Avenue West side of the Ocean Centre

Some of the focus for the local office will also be to support the Justice Council work towards addressing needed improvements in Indigenous peoples' experiences with the Provincial or Federal justice systems.

You can drop in to speak with Mr. Kelly at the Ocean Centre offices, give him a call at 250-624-4646 or by email at 

For a review of some of the work of the provincial office of the BC First Nations Justice Council see their website they also relay information by way of  Facebook and twitter

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