Monday, August 17, 2020

Prince Rupert/Port Edward Water Advisories: August 2020 -- July 2021

With Prince Rupert and Port Edward issuing separate Water Advisories in mid August we will track the latest development from both communities.

Prince Rupert

Most recent advisories from City of Prince Rupert

July 2021 (Water advisory lifted by Northern Health)

October 31

September 18

August 28

August 17

Mayor Brain's Facebook notices

October 31

August 17

North Coast Review items


July 7 -- Prince Rupert's long running Water Advisory has been lifted 

March 19 -- Prince Rupert Labour Council picks up the torch on two community campaigns


December 14 -- Not So Glad tiding's of ongoing turbidity to you

November 2 -- Latest water advisory serves up a reminder of the challenges that the ongoing water issues bring for some in Prince Rupert  

October 31 -- City of Prince Rupert/Northern health issue Water Advisory, with a recommendation to BOIL WATER for a number of residents  

September 23 -- Prince Rupert's Water Advisory Lifted 
September 18 -- City's Water issue may be along the lines of Don't Ask, Don't Tell for City Council ... but for some residents questions remain

August 28 -- City of Prince Rupert Water Advisory remains in effect 
August 26 -- Water Advisory? What Water Advisory?
August 18 -- Nisga'a members offered opportunity to access water station supply from Nisga'a Hall during City of Prince Rupert Water advisory 
August 17 -- It's back to the High Boil for some Prince Rupert Residents as City issues Water Advisory
August 15 -- Heavy Rain brings impact to city's water deliver to community taps

Northwest BC media

August 28 -- Prince Rupert water quality advisory remains in effect
August 18 -- Water quality advisory issued by City of Prince Rupert
August 17 -- Prince Rupert Storm Damage (video)
August 17-- Water Quality Advisory issued for Prince Rupert 
August 16 -- City issues notices to residents


Port Edward

Most recent advisory from District of Port Edward

District of Port Edward Facebook notices

August 25

North Coast Items

August 25 -- Port Edward brings Water Advisory to an end for District residents
August 17 -- Water Quality Advisory remains in place for Port Edward residents
August 5 -- Water colouration advisory issued for District of Port Edward residents

Northwest BC media

August 25 -- Port Edward Water Advisories 
August 25 -- Water Advisory lifted in Port Edward

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