Tuesday, September 15, 2020

City of Prince Rupert speaks to bear situation of last week and need for more awareness by residents

The City of Prince Rupert offered up some thoughts on an RCMP case file last week which saw a bear put down in the city on Thursday night, that after a saunter through the city that made for much in the way of Social media content through Friday and into the weekend.

In a short note posted to the City website and Facebook page on Monday, the City for the most part stays away from the theme of the shooting of the bear and instead offers guidance for the community as how residents should reduce attractants for wildlife.

Much of the information delivered calls for residents to manage their household garbage better and for neighbours to call in those residents who do not properly secure their garbage.

"Please do not litter (especially food waste!), and ensure that garbage is either kept inside, or well-secured until garbage day. If you notice someone who is regularly littering or not properly securing their garbage, you can report it to the Bylaw Department at (250) 624 6852." 

The full statement can be reviewed here.

Further guidance on wildlife interactions is offered by the City with a link to the BC Conservation Foundation and their research on bear encounters.

Not addressed however, as part of the city's information release, is why there was not any notification offered by the City for residents during the course of the bear's travels through the city which seemingly began in the afternoon culminating in his his demise in the evening.

During that period there was no use of any of the city's information options to offer an advisory for the public as to the presence of the bear or any potential danger that it may have provided for.

You can review our notes from the Friday incident here.

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