Tuesday, September 22, 2020

East side road work on 11th Avenue carries on into second week

Eastbound drivers on 11th Avenue East still have to 
find an alternate route as traffic restrictions remain in
place along a stretch of the road in the 200 block 

What now seems like an optimistic forecast has proven to be a little more of a long lasting project, as a stretch of 11th Avenue East in the 200 block remains closed to east bound traffic. 

That as the City continues on with infrastructure work in the area.

The only advisory of September 14th notes that work had originally been anticipated to be completed that same day, however since that hopeful note of eight days ago, the road restrictions have remained in effect though no further updates on the progress of the work have been provided.

It's not the first time that work on that stretch of 11th Avenue has gone beyond the original completion target date, the area has been the subject of a number of visits from civic works crews over the last couple of years.

Any further updates on the work may be found on the City of Prince Rupert Facebook page.

For more notes on infrastructure work in the city see our archive page here.

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