Wednesday, September 16, 2020

BC Housing's Kootenay Avenue plans to come back to Council later this year, following proponent's 'adjustments'

BC Housing will be looking at some adjustments for its
plans for Kootenay, withdrawing the proposal for consideration
from the Agenda of Monday's Council session

The review of the future plans for BC Housing's proposed increase of housing stock in the Kootenay Avenue area, will be deferred just a bit further down the calendar, with the plans for discussion and second reading of the Zoning Amendment bylaw to come some time in the fall.

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain advised Council on Monday night of the change in plans, noting that the topic had been removed from the Agenda for the night. 

As Mr. Brain explained it, the proponents after hearing feedback through their process they have decided to make some adjustments to their project before it comes to second reading at City Council. 

"BC Housing was scheduled to be on tonight's agenda, however after hearing feed back from their process they're wanting to make some adjustments to their project; before it comes to the second reading of the process. They will most likely be at one of our upcoming meetings, the update for the project as they've been thoroughly engaging with people and the residents there and everything like that. So I just wanted to make sure that folks were aware that the process is still moving forward" -- Mayor Lee Brain on the deferral of review for the BC Housing plans for Kootenay

The plans from BC Housing had generated a fair bit of interest in the surrounding area, with a number of residents expressing concerns about that consultation process, as well as the scope of the proposed changes.

It was not indicated on Monday if the residents will once again receive further correspondences on the revised plans, prior to it coming back to Council sometime in the fall.

Despite much interest in the past by Council members on the proposed changes to the housing stock for the area, as well as some of the recent community feedback that the city has received on it so far, none of the council members offered up any comments related to the plans or towards the delay in place for their further review of it.

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  1. If there is a change of plans I would expect the area residents be consulted again prior to going before council.

    Will BC Housing be letting the public know what the comments against the first plan were.