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Housing Issues of the Northwest -- 2020 Archive page

An Archive for 2020 of items related to Housing for the North West.


December 17 -- District of Port Edward gets closer to opening of information survey period for Neighbourhood Concept plans NCR
December 17 -- City of Prince Rupert looks to shake a few home building trees with call for bids on a new subdivision plan NCR
December 16 -- City launches information campaign on proposed Official Community Plan and Zoning Changes  NCR
December 10 -- City Council moves forward and stands still for the moment on OCP and Zoning themes NCR


November 27 -- With plans and incentives percolating, still no word on if the City intends to fill planning office positions  NCR
November 25 -- Prince Rupert Rental prices (video)
November 17 -- Northwest Housing market (video)
November 16 -- New Facebook page looks to engage community on discussion when it comes to affordable housing in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 13 -- Lax Kw'alaams announces site for 60 unit apartment development in Prince Rupert  NCR
November 12 -- Housing sales in Northern BC continue to surge well into the fall
November 10 -- Province freezes residential rent again until summer of 2021
November 10 -- Rent Freeze extended in BC
November 6 -- City of Terrace building permit update -- October 2020
November 5 -- New subdivision for Telkwa in the works
November 5 -- Northern BC predicted to see 4% hike in home sales this year


October 1 -- Full story: Eviction day looming for Pinecrest tenants
October 1 -- Housing among topics discussed during Smithers All Candidates  Debate Forum


September 2 -- Masset completes Community Housing Needs Report
September 1 -- College Dorms (video)


July 3 -- Reaching Home initiative seeks to address Indigenous homelessness in Prince Rupert  NCR
July 1 -- Telkwa not willing to delay 2020 tax sale
July 1 -- Smithers Council allows secondary suites in semi-detached homes
July 1 -- Telkwa losing its legacy of being affordable
July 1 -- Houston Friendship Centre shifts sights to housing grant for women, children fleeing violence


June 29 -- Evictions to resume
June 26 -- Kitimat Council approves development permit for old Northstar property
June 24 -- Kootenay/McKay area residents await roll out of information on Housing proposal NCR
June 24 -- City Manager Robert Long is 're-substituting' on Planning Duties for the retired Zeno Krekic NCR
June 23 -- Property owners should make certain Homeowners Grant has been applied for
June 19 -- Lax Kw'alaams, MLA Jennifer Rice celebrate new housing for Elders  NCR
June 17 -- Plans for Burns Lake Seniors housing on Fifth Avenue amended
June 17 -- Concentrated effort needed to provide local housing, study finds
June 15 -- Terrace Gazebo update (video)
June 12 -- New gazebo and walkway built for McConnell Estates residents in Terrace
June 12 -- Water conservation measures in effect for residents in the Thornhill Water system
June 11 -- Developer says City of Terrace overcharging for building permits
June 11 -- 'Village style' development proposed for Thornhill
June 11 -- City of Terrace issued fewer building permits in May than last year
June 10 -- Study outlines key housing needs for Houston
June 9 -- Kitimat Strata Housing (video)
June 3 -- New Elders Housing complex in Lax Kw'alaams accepting applications for residency  NCR
June 1 -- Kitimat Housing committee recommends District deny strata application for 1425 Nalbila Boulevard


May 29 -- Thornhill's future takes centre stage at June 2 public hearing
May 29 -- As Property taxes arrive at your door, the City of Prince Rupert has a few thoughts on payment for you  NCR
May 27 -- Council to use Second reading of zoning amendment for a review towards need for Public hearing on Kootenay Social Housing proposal NCR
May 25 -- Kootenay Avenue site proposed for new 55 unit multi family residential development  NCR
May 19 -- Hotel for housing (video)
May 19 -- New supportive housing for those experience homelessness in Prince Rupert
May 16 -- Province of British Columbia purchases Raffles Hotel for Social Housing use  NCR
May 13 -- Supportive measures for the City's homeless population explored at Council session NCR
May 12 -- Villages of Masset, Port Clements approve no increase in property taxes
May 6 -- Houston real estate sales dip indicate MLS figures
May 6 -- Smithers awards housing needs assessment contract
May 1 -- Location, Location, Location ... Mayor Brain makes the call for an expansion on housing in Prince Rupert  NCR


April 30 -- Terraceview Lodge hopes for wheelchair sanitizer
April 29 -- Community gardens added to OCP review
April 29 -- Village of Burns Lake vote unanimously in favour on on property tax increase and delayed penalty date
April 24 -- District votes unanimously to continue flat tax rate at 2019 rate
April 24 -- Queen Charlotte Council supports funding application for eight-unit townhouse
April 23 -- Terrace property tax increase reduced to 4.5 per cent
April 23 -- City of Terrace proposed tax increase down to 4.5 percent
April 23 -- After weekend shift, Prince Rupert's Homeless shelter now open at Fisherman's Hall NCR
April 23 -- Terrace adjusts tax hike during COVID-19 (video)
April 22 -- Realtors remain committed to serving their clients
April 21 -- Terrace Homeless shelter dealing with COVID-19 (video)
April 21 -- City of Terrace to finalize 2020 budget
April 17 -- Prince Rupert welcoming new shelter for the homeless
April 17 -- With shift to Fisherman's Hall ahead for the homeless, North Coast Transition Society issues a call for workers  NCR
April 16 -- Queen Charlotte Council recommends 0% increase in municipal taxes
April 16 -- Woman served eviction notice from homeless camp receives a reprieve
April 16 -- Homeless shelter concerns
April 16 -- Fisherman's Hall to be used as temporary homeless shelter as part of COVID-19 response  NCR
April 16 -- Work towards homeless solution continues, new shelter location soon to be finalized NCR
April 15 -- Council to forgo unanticipated tax revenue increase
April 15 -- Housing sales in Northern BC decline by nearly 20% in March
April 14 -- Real Estate sales during COVID-19 (video)
April 14 -- Northwest real estate sales and listings are down for this time of year
April 14 -- North Coast Transition Society shares concerns over public incidents at homeless shelter  NCR
April 11 -- Kitimat sees lukewarm property sales in Q1, COVID-19 leaves housing market uncertain
April 11 -- Despite extremely high vacancy rates, rental prices on the rise in Kitimat
April 9 -- Landlords are panicked
April 9 -- Smithers single family home sales up in first quarter of 2020
April 9 -- Smithers relocates downtown homeless population
April 9 -- Terrace home sales increase while average price drop
April 9 -- Prince Rupert Labour Council calls on City to take action on homelessness  NCR
April 6 -- Kitimat looking at ways to reduce proposed 3 per cent tax increase
April 7 -- What's your housing story? Port Clements needs assessment is underway
April 6 -- Pre-COVID 19 realty results highlighted increase for sales in Prince Rupert  NCR
April 2 -- City of Terrace says unlikely there will be a significant property tax reduction from proposed increase
April 2 -- MLA Rice hopeful of short term solution and longer term resolution to homeless shelter issues in Prince Rupert  NCR
April 1 -- City gives no response to homelessness concerns


March 31 -- MLA Rice taking local lead on response for housing issues for homeless NCR
March 25 -- BC government introduces package suspending evictions and helping renters and landlords
March 25 -- Two housing projects totalling 70 units being planned in Terrace
March 25 -- City and Province need to outline what measures they have in mind to assist Prince Rupert's homeless during this pandemic period  NCR
March 20 -- BC Northern Real Estate Board calls for suspension of open houses
March 19 -- Landlord's eviction turnaround
March 13 -- New student housing to be built at CMTN college in Terrace
March 12 -- Affordable housing is becoming a crucial issue in the Northwest
March 12 -- Rupert renoviction update (video)
March 11 -- Plight of Pinecrest Townhomes residents noted by Prince Rupert Council Monday NCR
March 9 -- Good news for Pinecrest residents in Prince Rupert
March 9 -- Pinecrest Townhomes renovictions to be staggered; evictees to learn more at March 11th meeting  NCR
March 9 -- Would be Prince Rupert property developer shifts gaze towards Terrace for now  NCR
March 5 -- Second Housing Rights meeting added for evictees of Oceanfront homes on First Avenue  NCR
March 5 -- Meeting being held today for residents in Pinecrest Townhouses
March 4 -- Pinecrest Townhomes evictions  (video)
March 4 -- Thursday meeting set for soon to be evicted tenants of Pinecrest Town Homes to hear of their rights  NCR
March 4 -- Skeena- Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach weighs in on Prince Rupert's upcoming renoviction situation NCR
March 2 -- Prince Rupert's lack of housing starts looms large now ... that as Renoviction crisis set to make additional impact on community  NCR
March 2 -- Vancouver property developer plans to build 'hundreds of homes' in Terrace


February 28 -- Province puts 1.7 million towards community data collection on housing needs  NCR
February 24 -- As BC Budget hails Coast Mountain College housing plans in Terrace, Prince Rupert accommodation pans remain more of a Five Year Plan  NCR
February 19 -- Smithers budget proposes 5.5 per cent increase to property taxes


January 30 -- Terrace house prices on steep climb in 2019
January 20 -- Slight increase in Overall volume and dollar value of real estate in Prince Rupert for 2019  NCR
January 15 -- Prince Rupert's Third Avenue West Shelter revises hours in face of cold temperatures  NCR
January 15 -- City Council's 2020 New Year hangover session NCR
January 3 -- Province outlines details for 2020 BC Home Owner Grant program  NCR
January 3 -- Six Prince Rupert neighbourhoods play host to top end Assessments for 2020 in the city  NCR
January 2 -- Kitimat and Terrace lead the way in Northwest on BC Assessment increases  NCR

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