Friday, April 17, 2020

With shift to Fisherman's Hall ahead for the homeless, North Coast Transition Society issues a call for workers

As was outlined yesterday, a change of address is set for some of the city's homeless population, with Fisherman's Hall announced on Thursday as the temporary home for the city's most vulnerable residents

And with plans to move from the Third Avenue Shelter currently in motion,  community stakeholders are now preparing for the days ahead when they will announce the details towards a more permanent location in the community.

For the moment however, the focus will be on the new digs at the Fisherman's Hall and with the move also comes some employment opportunities, with North Coast Transition Society which operates much of the city's housing for those in need, posting a jobs opening call to their Facebook page on Thursday.

The Society is looking for some kind-hearted and reliable workers and you can learn more about the opportunities from the post below, or by contacting NCTS at 250-627-8959 extension 40

In addition to the notes on the jobs opportunities at their shelter, North Coast Transition Society has also offered their thanks to MLA Jennifer Rice, making note of her efforts in the last number or weeks to help to deliver on a solution for the long running issues related to the homeless situation in the city.

In a contribution for the MLA's official information release on the new shelter location, NCTS Executive Director Christine White makes note of how the new residence will provide for a a safe and secure environment for those in need.

“NCTS is greatly appreciative of the help and support we have received from MLA Jennifer Rice and her office in helping with securing a temporary location at the Fisherman’s Hall. This will most definitely go a great way towards a more safe and secure environment especially in the present difficult circumstances that everyone is facing.”– Christine White, Executive Director, North Coast Transition Society

You can review more notes on housing across the Northwest from our archive page here.


  1. I see Lee Brain is starting press releases concerning the move of the homeless shelter. This is something he wanted nothing to do with. Stated it was a provincial matter. Why is he now taking credit.

    A couple of questions, is it 100% zoned properly at this time for this use. If the city was involved were the neighbouring businesses consulted.

    We have already had one homeless shelter not zoned properly with the city aware of this. I hope they don’t make the same mistake again.

  2. Brain has lost a lot of credibility over his handling of the homeless shelter and more generally. The Transition Society and the MLA have shown genuine leadership.