Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lights, Cameras ... Sewers! City's sewer mapping project set for May 4th debut

The Debut week for the City of Prince Rupert's Sewer/Waterline
mapping project will take place May 4th in the Prince Rupert Blvd area

The City of Prince Rupert is taking the cameras into the heart of the community's storm and sewer lines announcing the timeline for their Sewer Mapping Project for 2020, which will get underway on May 4th.

In their notice to the Public today, the city notes that specialized contractors will go where few Rupertites dare to go, inspecting the city's infrastructure in the Prince Rupert Boulevard area around Heron Road, Gull Crescent, as well as Raven Place and Cormorant Place to name some of the work ahead.

The plan to map the sewers and waterlines was introduced in September of 2019 when the City put a Request for Proposals out for tender for interested bids. 

The outfall study project has been touted as an important element towards the City's obligations to meet Federal wastewater initiatives, it was approved by Council as a capital item in 2019.

City Council approved the contract award in January of this year, with McElhanney Engineering the successful bidder, with a bid of $995,000.

January 29 -- City Council approves near million dollar contract for sewage outfall study
September 25 -- City opens Request for Proposals for Sewer Inspection project

Updates on the program as it continues through the Spring and summer can be found from the City of Prince Rupert website and Facebook page.

More items of interest on the city's infrastructure can be reviewed here.

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