Sunday, April 12, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending April 12, 2020

Social media, information flow and the medical community in the Northwest  all made for a confluence of themes as the conversation on COVID resonated around Prince Rupert.

That was one of the main areas of note for the last seven days as the ongoing work towards bending curves and addressing issues of the coronavirus continued to dominate our times.

Also making for items of note for the week, the Prince Rupert Labour Council entered the debate on housing for the homeless in the community.

Municipal governments joined in with First Nations to appeal to the Province to extend a non-essential travel restriction for the region, while air travellers out of Terrace in late March were issued with a BC CDC warning on Covid exposure.

One item managed to break through all the virus focus, with a local business making use of their Social Media presence to try to regain some stolen property.

But when it came to the dominant story of the week, our look at Social Media and Northern Health's view of the use such platforms as Facebook and twitter to share information during this Covid situation must be used with caution.

Northern Health responds to Facebook post from Prince Rupert doctor relaying presumptive case of COVID in city  -- Followers of any number of Facebook pages in Prince Rupert are getting a range of information on themes of the current challenges in these times of the COVID-19 outbreak, with Northern Health taking note of how social media is being used and addressing the topic in their own post.  As well this week saw a large amount of interest and volume of readership on our notes of from the BC Physician and Surgeons on themes of Social Media.     (posted  April 7, 2020)

That article was followed by:

Prince Rupert Labour Council calls on City to take action on homelessness --  With local organizations scrambling to work with MLA Jennifer Rice on short and long term housing issues for the homeless, the Prince Rupert Labour Council called on Prince Rupert City Council to put politics aside to address the immediate crisis in the community    (posted April 9 2020  )

Municipalities and First Nations sign on to call for Non-Essential Travel restrictions to North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii --  Prince Rupert, Port Edward and North Coast Regional District were among local municipalities to attach themselves to a call from the Council of Haida Nation for the province to put in place Non-essential Travel restrictions to the region   (posted  April 7, 2020)

Terrace flight of late March among those on  a COVID list for the BC Centre for Disease  Control -- As part of their ongoing work towards tracking travellers who may have been in contact with the COVID-19 virus, the BC Centre for Disease Control released a list of flights in and out of British Columbia where they listed advisories, including one flight out of Terrace on March 24th (posted April1 6, 2020)

Prince Rupert business seeks help of public in tracking down stolen goods  --  A string of armed robberies and a break in at a Third West business has called attention to a spike in criminal activity of late in Prince Rupert, with one business taking to Social Media to try to recover goods stolen in and B&E.   (posted April 8, 2020 )

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