Wednesday, April 22, 2020

City of Prince Rupert reminds residents of end to utilities payments extension

The City of Prince Rupert has provided a gentle nudge to residents when it comes to payment of utility bills, noting that the recently issued extension to the usual March deadline will expire on April 30th, though in reality having your payment in by April 24th is the recommended date of note.

"Please be reminded that the Utility discount deadline, which was extended to April 30th, is coming up next week. Given the current closure of City Hall, alternative payment methods to in-person options are available - such as paying by cheque in the mail slot beside the Customer Service door at City Hall (delivered to City Hall on or before the due date) or online payment via your financial institution (please make your online payment 5 business days before April 30th to ensure the banks have adequate time to make the transfer to the City). 

Paying online is similar to how you make payments to other vendors using your online banking system. First log in to online banking, then navigate to the add a ‘payee’ section, search for “Prince Rupert” and select the appropriate payee (City of Prince Rupert Utilities). You will need the account number from your bill. 

Contact your financial institution if you require further instructions on adding a payee and/or making an online bill payment. 

Again, if you are making a payment online, please allow a minimum of 5 business days before the due date for payments to process – which means the last day for payment online is this Friday, April 24th."

The utility bills were delivered to residents in mid February, with this years roll out including another round of increases approved back in December of 2016.

The deadline was extended in mid March that as the city reduced is public face to the community, closing access to City Hall and a range of Civic Services.

The City's full overview of the revised payment planning was delivered through the City of Prince Rupert Facebook page, as well as through the city website.

For more notes on the City's Financial themes see our archive page here.

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