Monday, April 27, 2020

Golfers in the Northwest inland areas to be the first to hit the Spring links during COVID times

The Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club is ready for 2020.
(photo from Hirsch Creek website)

With the snow and ice having made a quick retreat in the Kitimat region, golfers in that community are making plans for some tee times in the not too distant future, that as the Kitimat Club outlines its plans for 2020 season, mindful of the current COVID emergency in the province.

In an advisory posted to the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club website, the COVID-19 Policies and Procedures are listed, noting of modifications at the course and an advisory that marshals will be watching on the course to ensure that all rules in place are adhered to.

More on their plans can be found from the Hirsch Creek website and Facebook page

Terrace's golfer's have already been given the All Clear to hit the links, with the Season having officially opened at the Skeena Valley Golf and Country Club in that community on last Friday.

They also have COVID-19 protocols in place, which you can view here.

Find out more about their Spring plans from their website and Facebook page

Smithers Golf and Country Club welcomes 
it first golfers for 2020 on Thursday
(Photo from Smithers Golf and Country Club website)

Smithers Golf and Country Club tees it up on Thursday, with April 30th listed as their opening day for 2020. Like the other courses of the Northwest, they too have a list of COVID-19 related regulations for golfers to read over and adhere to.

More on their plans can be reviewed from the Smithers Golf and Country Club website and Facebook page.

In Prince Rupert there does not appear to be any change in the official policy put in place since the course was closed to the public back in March.

At that time, Head Professional and Manager announced the temporary closure of the Course.

Since that time there have been no updates on the local course listed on the Prince Rupert Club's Facebook page or website.

More notes on Golfing in the Northwest can be found here.

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