Thursday, April 23, 2020

Prince Rupert Health Clinics remind their Patients .. The Doctor is in!

Prince Rupert Doctors have taken out a half page advertisement in the local paper to remind their patients that even in times of the Covid health emergency; they remain ready to take appointments and that local physicians are here for them.

In their ad which is in this weeks edition of the Northern View, they address what has become somewhat of a provincial concern of late; that of patients putting off any medical appointments at this time, fearful of concerns over COVID-19.

"The Prince Rupert Doctors have heard that many patients are hesitant to reach out and make appointments during COVID-19. You doctor is best able to best help you with your health concerns and during these uncertain times your family doctor is here for you"-- From an advertisement from Prince Rupert's doctors

The advisory for patients which comes from all four clinics in the city, notes that local doctors continue to work in their clinics and appointments continue to take place by telephone, or if determined by the doctor,  in person, providing for a wide range of care.

Should doctors determine an in person appointment is required at the clinic, they note that those sessions can still take place safely.

The advertisement also provides the guidance that all health care concerns should be relayed through your primary care physician first.

For those who may need to see a specialist, those services are still available in the region and referrals can be arranged through your primary care provider.

The ad also advises that a new Doctor has arrived in the community, with Dr. Francois Erasmus now accepting patients through the Casey Clinic.

As we noted yesterday, the attention generated by the COVID-19 response has made for a significant drop in visits to emergency wards at hospitals, calls for ambulance assistance and visits to primary care physician's offices.

Something that has provincial health officials concerned that British Columbians may be letting serious health issues go untreated at this time.

You can find more no health issues in the Northern Health region from our archive page here.

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