Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Public Works Roof Replacement latest project to seek Request for Bids

Roofing time is here for the Public Works Yard on Wantage Road
With the City of Prince Rupert posting a call for bids to BC Bids

(photo from City of PR prospectus for bids)

Spring and Summer is traditionally roof replacement season in Prince Rupert and for the City of Prince Rupert the time is here to take care of some work in the Public Works yard on Wantage Road.

The roof in question is that over the Mechanic Shop at the City yard and towards the removal and replacement plans the City is currently seeking bids through the BC Bids website.

The scope of the work ahead includes:

The overview of the project from the BC Bid site outlines the nature of the work ahead:

"The City of Prince Rupert is seeking quotes from qualified contractors in response to this request for quotes for the removal and replacement of the metal roof of the mechanic shop at the City's Public Works yard. The roof covers a steel building that has a footprint of 60 feet by 141 feet. 

The current roofing consists of steel panels that are 3 feet wide and run the full length from the ridgeline to the edge of the building. Approximately half of the roof has 2" of fiberglass blanket insulation, and there are no soffits."

The Quotes for the work are to be delivered to Hans Seidemann, the City's Manager of Community Development and Civic Innovation. 

With the call for bids,  it appears that Mr. Seidemann has added the portfolio of Building Services Manager to his duties at City Hall.

Those contractors who may wish to inspect the building prior to submitting their bids can contact the City to arrange for an appointment to view the structure.

Deadline for quotes is 2PM on May 15th.

More notes related to past Calls for Bids can be found from our archive page here.

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