Friday, April 24, 2020

Read a Good Book lately? If not, the Prince Rupert Library may have a plan!

While the Prince Rupert Library may be closed to the public during the course of this COVID-19 Pandemic, they do have some ideas on how they might be able to get books and other items to patrons during their time of closure.

On Thursday, the Library introduced a to your door service, a temporary option that will see the Library take orders if you will through phone, email or Facebook and deliver the requested item to those members with a valid library card.

In a Facebook advisory from Thursday, it was noted that the service can only access those books and other materials that are available at the Prince Rupert Library and not through the wider inter-library program that is in place during  more normal times.

And while the books and such may be going out ... returns are still on hold, the Library reminds its patrons that until further notice, no returns are being accepted, with the book bin outside also remaining locked until the return of regular service.

The Library previously noted that those holding overdue materials won't be charged for those items during this period.

More notes on the range of Library options during these times of COVID can be reviewed from their website and  Facebook page.

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