Friday, April 17, 2020

Northern Health modifies the rules of engagement for their Prince Rupert Health Forum

Success it seems is overwhelming the staff that maintain the Northern Health Facebook forum for Prince Rupert.

The information stream debuted last month and since that time it has proven to be a very popular destination for residents of the North Coast to learn more about health care in the region and ask quesitons.

In fact, so successful has the launch been that the staff at Northern Health are having a wee bit of trouble keeping up with all the commentary and quesitons, something which they have addressed with some subtle rule changes for the site.

In a post to the page from late March, they outlined the changes ahead which will mean that contributions will be viewed by a moderator prior to posting, with the main focus to eliminate irrelevant info not related to Northern Health, duplicate questions, abusive and vulgar language and to address spam and advertising that occasionally can creep into the flow of the conversation.

The volume of contributions from the North Coast does indicate how the new service is proving to be a valuable link between residents of the region and Northern Health and is helping to dispel many of the contributions to the ever famous Prince Rumour mill ...

A recent post helped to spread word of a new physician in the city, who is currently accepting patients, something that will help to reduce the load of work that at times is found at the Prince Rupert Regional Hospital.

As the new online feature was launched during this current COVID-19 pandemic, not surprisingly a large volume of quesitons and commentary relates to the outbreak and Northern Health measures across the region.

With the facts from Northern Health also serving to dampen down some of the unsubstantiated themes that have exploded from any number of Social media accounts around the city.

You can explore the Northern Health Prince Rupert page here and join in on the conversation if inclined.

For more notes on Health issues in the region see our archive pages here.

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