Tuesday, April 28, 2020

SD52 delivers "Bags of Goodness" as part of local food initiative

Bags to Go! SD 52 has successfully launched its plan to
make weekly deliveries of groceries for families in need 
(photo from SD52 twitter feed)

The bags were plenty, the hands of help many, as teachers, staff and many others from SD52 delivered their Bags of Goodness program recently to families around the region.

The program ensures that important food items make their way to families that may be facing challenging times during this period of COVID-19 the program somewhat of an expansion of the food program in place during more normal times of classroom attendance.

As they rolled out their initiative this month in addition to the weekly grocery delivery program now in place, SD52 has also provided 200 families in the community with gift cards from Canada Safeway.

Among those who helped out the School District in launching the program was Bandstra which handled the logistics of food delivery along with the Prince Rupert Port Authority which also offered assistance to the project.

Safeway also is recognized for their quick response, as were the many members of the SD52 staff who helped bring the "Bags of Goodness" concept from the planning phase to the delivery runs.

You can explore more on the program here and can check out some of the photos of their work through the SD52 Instagram feed.

For more items of note on SD52 see our archive page here.

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