Sunday, April 19, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending April 19, 2020

A range of themes on homelessness in the Prince Rupert area captured much of the attention of our readers this week, that as we recounted a number of areas of note on the topic this week.

Looking a bit beyond the Prince Rupert city limits, our notes on how other communities in BC have addressed the challenge also made for some large readership results this week.

Another area that attracted some solid results for the last seven days was our look at some concerns around municipal budgeting from a number of municipal governments, with many approaching the provincial government and finding some success in getting their financial fears coming out of the COVID situation.

Also finding a good audience this week, our notes on the work of Tourism Prince Rupert to introduce a new website and the announcement by Premier John Horgan that BC 's Declaration of a State of Emergency will be extended another two weeks.

But when it came to the dominant story of the week, a stream of articles on the Homeless in Prince Rupert proved to be a much read element for the blog over the last seven days.

North Coast Transition Society shares concerns over public incidents at homeless shelter -- It has been a busy week for updates related to the plight of the homeless population in Prince Rupert. With the flow of information starting with some disturbing observations on anger directed to those most in need.  By week's end, the future of the homeless shelter was a bit clearer, first with word of a new temporary location for the facility at Fisherman's Hall, and a call for those with an interest in working with NCTS bringing the week to an end.   (posted  April 14, 2020)

That article was followed by:

Municipalities eyeing post COVID period with mixed opinions on financial impact --  As communities in BC continue to try to address the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of them are also raising the alarm on what things are going to look like financially coming out of the pandemic. By Thursday, the province had introduced a range of plans to help address some of the needs of communities coming out of the COVID situation.   (posted  April 14, 2020)

British Columbia communities roll out response to homeless issues during COVID-19 period -- While it's not really clear as to just how involved the City of Prince Rupert was in the work towards a new shelter facility here; in other communities across the province municipal governments were one of the first in line to make sure that they were providing help to those who were the most in need.  (posted April  152020  )

Tourism Prince Rupert launches new website to support local tourism sector and businesses -- While they continue to advise would be visitors to stay away from the North Coast, Tourism Prince Rupert continues to expand their information streams for when the tourism sector will come back to life in the region.   (posted April1 16, 2020)

British Columbia extends Provincial State of Emergency until April 28 -- While Premier John Horgan hailed the work of British Columbians in helping to bend the curve of COVID-19 cases, he also outlined how there remains a need to keep the Provincial State of Emergency in place for another two weeks   (posted April 15, 2020 )

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