Tuesday, April 21, 2020

City continues on with Landfill project with call for bids for aerators

Things may be slowing down a bit when it comes to non-essential public works projects, however the ongoing project towards expansion of the Ridley Island landfill site continues on, with the City of Prince Rupert seeking bids towards some equipment for the location on the outskirts of the city.

In a Request for Proposals placed last week with BC Bid, the City is on the search for four Triton Surface Aerators for the site, destined for use in the lagoon portion of the landfill area.

The process makes for a circulation to reduce the amount of chemicals needed to treat a body of water by providing oxygen that the bacteria needs to function properly.

An example of a version of an Aerator system from Newterra industries

The timeline for the bid process would see the successful  bidder provide delivery by August of this year.

Among the services to be provided from the successful bid:

Supply and deliver four (4) TR15 Triton Surface Aerators or equivalent 
Commissioning Services 
Prepare and Provide Operation and Maintenance Manual 
Prepare and Provide List of Spare Parts and Special Tools

The City is using the services of Sperling Hansen Associates to receive enquiries notices and too make responses towards the bid process.

The deadline to submit bids is 2 PM on May 5th.

For more notes related to past Requests for Proposals and successful bids see our archive page here.

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