Tuesday, April 14, 2020

North Coast Transition Society shares concerns over public incidents at homeless shelter

According to a local Social Service agency, the Third Avenue Homeless
Shelter has been subjected to some concerning incidents in recent days

An account of some disturbing public behaviour has been relayed by the North Coast Transition Society over the weekend

That  as officials from the society that strives to assist those in the most need in the city outline some notes on worrisome incidents directed towards the residents and staff at the Third Avenue West Homeless shelter.

In a Facebook post from Friday, NCTS officials make note of a number of concerns over increasingly agitated behaviour from some in the public.

The homeless shelter has been the focus of much discussion in recent weeks, that after North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice disclosed that the City had forwarded a letter to the Ministry of Housing, demanding the closure of the Third Avenue facility.

Even before that correspondence, the MLA, North Coast Transition Society and other local stakeholders have been trying since that time to find alternate short term accommodation, as well as to work further towards a permanent solution.

Though to this point, there has not been any public announcement released as to what success they have had on either initiative, or when the homeless shelter will be closed as per the city demand.

On Thursday, the Prince Rupert Labour Council called on the City of Prince Rupert to put aside politics and join in on a solution for towards the many issues facing the homeless during this COVID emergency period.

So far, there has been no response from the Mayor or City Council members related to the reported incidents directed at the Homeless centre and its staff as relayed from the Social Media post

More notes on the city's housing situation can be explored here.

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  1. That is very sad to read.

    Lee Brain and his absent council members are incredibly disappointing. Brain seems more concerned about playing populist politics, promoting negativity, rather than contributing to solutions. And to think he used to describe himself as a facilitator.

    All the best to Transition and the MLA who are working to make things better for the most vulnerable, which also makes the rest of us safer.