Monday, April 6, 2020

Terrace flight of late March among those on a COVID list for the BC Centre for Disease Control

The BC Centre for Disease Control has listed a number of BC flights
where reported cases of COVID have been flagged, on of which
departed from Terrace in late March

In a bid to track and alert British Columbians who may have been in transit over the last month, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has provided a list of public exposures to the virus for the attention of travellers.

The list of information indicates which flights that the Centre is aware of where there was a case of COVID-19 onboard,

The BC CDC chart makes note of seventeen International and eighteen domestic flights which landed or departed at airports in British Columbia.

Among the domestic flights, is an Air Canada flight (8245) out of the Terrace airport,  which flew from Terrace to Vancouver on March 24th.

The advisory indicates that passengers on those flights that don't list affected seats, which includes the Terrace departure that is listed, should self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days following the flight.

The information sheet also provides details on the Self-Isolation process for British Columbians who are contacts of a confirmed case, which you can review here.

They also provide a link to the Self Assessment Tool that the Province of British Columbia has introduced to determine whether you may need further assessment for COVID-19.

The full advisory on all of the Public Exposure listings can be reviewed here.

More notes related to air travel in the Northwest can be explored here.

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