Monday, March 9, 2020

Pinecrest Townhomes renovictions to be staggered; evictees to learn more at March 11th meeting

A staggered approach to upcoming
renovations should reduce the
impact for some tenants of the
Pinecrest Townhomes in Prince Rupert
North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice has outlined some news for those residents of the Pinecrest Townhomes on the east side of Prince Rupert facing eviction from their homes.

With the MLA relaying news through her Facebook page that the  new owner/developer has agreed to stagger the renovation schedule, which will allow some of the tenants to live in their units, while renovations take place around the housing site on Immanuel Street.

Few details were outlined by the MLA as to how many tenants will still be required to find new accommodations first; or if there are any plans to assist them in finding new residences in the very tight rental market in the city.

Affected tenants of the Pinecrest Homes have been invited to a meeting on Wednesday, March 11th at 5PM to learn more  about the staggered approach. 

The meeting will take place at Fisherman's Hall with Paul Legace of the Unemployment Action Centre.

There is no indication as to whether a similar approach will be used for those living in what has been referred to as the Ocean Front property on First Avenue West.

The renovations and upcoming evictions were announced during the last week of February, the volume of potential evicted residents could number as much as 200 and comes about as the community continues to face a dire affordable housing situation.

Currently there are few rental options available in Prince Rupert, that as the stock of housing continues to erode as owners look to renovate, or leave their units abandoned at the moment. There has also been little in the way of new affordable housing stock created as those options are removed from the market.

For more notes on the housing situation in the city see our housing archive page here.

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